My interest in skincare dates back to my childhood. Even though I was not taught how to properly take care of my face, I desperately was seeking for that perfect product to help me with my oily acneic skin. I started to receive facials once i was in my 20's. My curiousity grew into an urge to help others. I realized that I can help others by sharing the knowledge I had gained with the skin problems I had experienced growing up with

I met Norma in 2005 after I graduated from Miss Marty's Beauty School in San Francisco. I quickly began to pay attention to all the amazing knowledge and skill that she had aquired over the last 20 years. I worked closely with Norma for the next 8 years. We attended yearly shows, took advanced skincare classes together and shared our knowledge and passion with our clients. In 2013, I bought Norma Jean's from my mentor and friend. I will continued to give our clients the attention, love and care that they recieved once before.





     With Love and Kindness,