Hair... No More


Removing hair from the body is certainly not new. The ancient Egyptians did this long before suburban house wives discovered the bikini wax. A smooth and hairless body was the standard of beauty, youth and innocence for a woman in Egypt. The wife of the divine Pharoah set the example and every Egyptian woman took care that there was not a single hair on her body.  Later, the Greeks adopted this ideal of smoothness.  They used tweezers, which they called the "volsella" and had a kind of depilatory cream, the "philotrum" or "dropax", the forerunner of the current depilatory creams! Waxing was also a way of depilating and this was done with resin or pitch.




Facial Waxing

Brow Wax                                  $28.00

Lip Wax                                      $15.00

Chin Wax                                   $11.00

Ear Waxing                                $13.00                                          

Side Burns Wax                        $13.00

Facial Waxing                           $48.00

Body Waxing

Underarm Wax                         $18.00+

Arm Wax                                    $38.00+

Back Wax                                   $48.00+

Bikini Wax                                  $38.00+

Brazilian Wax                            $50.00-$100.00+

Lower Leg Wax                          $48.00+

Upper Leg Wax                          $48.00+

Full Leg Wax                               $63.00+

Upper Leg and Bikini Wax      $85.00   

Chest Wax                                   $48.00




*waxing disclaimer

The use of Retin-A, Acutane, Glycolic or Renova while receiving waxing Treatments are not recommended. Please advise your therapist so that you can have the most comfortable and successful treatment and result.